The High & Hungry Cookbook

Simple enough for a stoner.
Gourmet enough to impress your Mom.

Over 30 of the dopest recipes known to man, man.

Each one imaginative, delicious and actually quite good.

Heady Snacks

Startups can save money on design and code and spend it on concept and functionality.

Dank Dranx

Tons of delicous drinks in the book such as "Nothing Rhymes With Orange Sherbert Punch".

Wake n' Bake

Plenty of great breakfast options like "Stonerham Lincoln's Waffle Extravaganza"

Burnt Out

May we suggest some of our greatest hits, "The French Hottie" or the "Carrot Ginger Jacuzzi"

Get your copy for $10!

So you're what?

At last. A cookbook featuring fine stoner cuisine.

Delicous and Healthy Recipes!
Don't worry dude, I'm the Master of Munchies. The Prince of Pot Cookbooks. I keep it a bit healthy, too.
Simple Enough To Make At Home
Buzzed, stoned or obliterated - recipes simple enough to put together with half a brain. Easy enough for this guy.
Years of "Research"
Listen up, folks. I've done a lot of...experimenting.

Get the book yo!

About the Author

Corduroy Brown has been experimenting with the munchies and Marijuana cuisine for as he could say "Sativa". Endlessly exploring new food possibilities, Corduroy Brown brings creative food conconctions with his pot cookbook to potheads everywhere.

Throughout his experiences as an activist and community organizer, he was able to tour actively with Phish and Widespread Panic. Selling his edible creations outside venues before the shows begin, he became an expert on what to eat when stoned. He quickly became widely known for his friendly attitude, treating everyone who wanted a taste as he would family at the Thanksgiving table.